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Shitake Mushroom And Immunity - The Many Benefits Of This Delicious Oriental Delicacy

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Health practitioners have long established the relationship between Shitake mushroom and immunity. Indeed, Shitake mushrooms have become popular, not only as ingredients for truly delectable delicacies, but also for their ability to bolster the body's immune system.

The heart of this correlation between Shitake mushroom and immunity is a powerful compound called Lentinan.

Lentinan is primarily a beta-glucan with glycosidic linkage, and is exclusive to the Shitake mushroom. Lentinan has long been acknowledged as an anti-cancer agent.

Testament to this is the fact that Ajinomoto, a large Japanese pharmaceutical company, has marketed Lentinan as an anti-cancer agent that is administered via blood infusion.

Lentinan has the amazing ability to increase the body's production of white blood cells.

White blood cells are the heart and soul of the human immune system, as they are responsible for defending the body against viral and bacterial infections as well as intrusions of foreign materials into the system.

Because of Lentinan, the causal effect of Shitake mushroom and immunity becomes immediately apparent.

Simply put, Shitake mushrooms increases the body's production of white blood cells, thus boosting the immune system.

So strong is the correlation between Shitake mushroom and immunity that many medical experts proclaim Shitake mushroom as more effective than any pharmaceutical drug available in the market.

Shitake is widely used in the Orient to treat common medical conditions like colds and flu, as well as more serious medical ailments such as Lupus and AIDS.

Of course, there are more benefits that can be derived from this fungus than just the aforementioned relationship between Shitake mushroom and immunity.

Shitake mushroom is also known as a natural form of cholesterol control. Shitake mushrooms contain a compound called Eritadenin, a zaragozic acid that expels cholesterol from the body.

Shitake mushroom is also beneficial for people who are suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

Shitake mushroom contains Lenthionine, a compound that prevents platelets from aggregating and forming clots in the bloodstream.

Severe clots cause heart attacks and strokes. Regular intake of Shitake mushroom reduces the risks posed by these potentially fatal medical conditions.

Shitake mushroom is also excellent for your circulatory and respiratory systems. Shitake mushrooms are rich in iron.

 Iron is a mineral that improves the circulation of oxygen in the bloodstream.

Proper oxygen distribution leads to a healthier heart, a healthier brain, and healthier muscle cells.

Because of its fantastic iron content, Shitake mushrooms are also used to treat anemia caused by severe menstruation, blood loss caused by physical injuries, and other medical ailments.

Lastly, Shitake mushroom and immunity may be the primary topic in many medical circles, but Shitake mushroom and weight loss also share a beneficial correlation. Indeed, Shitake mushrooms can aid a person who wants to lose weight.

Shitake mushrooms contain a small amount of calories, thus reducing the danger of developing fat deposits in one's system. Not only that, Shitake mushrooms are also rich in fiber.

Fiber helps eliminate fatty deposits in the body. Fiber also reduces digestion time, making one feel full for a longer period.

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