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Marine Phytoplankton Health Benefits

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Ocean Nectar Marine Phytoplankton

Marine phytoplankton supplements are good for your overall health. In today's world people are realizing the benefits of taking diet supplements and the manufacturers have not been left behind.

These supplements are available in drug stores in form of capsules and powder form. Before you start consuming them it is always good consult your doctor so he can confirm marine phytoplankton health benefits. The following are some of the benefits of taking this herbal remedy.

Marine phytoplankton heath benefitsThe Marine phytoplankton sustains the oceanic food webs which would include the constituent food chains as well. It also is behind the production of up to half of the oxygen produced by the entire flora.

This implies that it not only counts to the aquatic life alone but also to the totality of life on earth.

Marine phytoplankton are a rich source of proteins, vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, minerals, essential fatty acids, chlorophyll and more other forms of nutrition.

Marine phytoplankton have an alkaline pH which serves in neutralizing the high acidity in foods we ingest day in day out like carbonated drinks, refined sugars, refined flour and even tinned animal meat.

The high concentration of nutrients found in Marine phytoplankton is important to revitalize our cell membranes.

 It is also important in detoxification of cells and the overall metabolism taking place in our cells.Marine phytoplankton has high levels of antioxidants and anti-histamine micronutrients that trigger metabolism and cell detoxification.

They also trigger mitochondria to make energy required to make their function successful.

The electrolytes in Marine phytoplankton help the body in maintaining the homeostasis balance (which is a natural way in which the body maintains levels of glucose and other elements in the blood at controlled level in order to safe guard the cell membranes of the body cells).

When ingested, marine phytoplankton has a unique super nutrient that provides the body with residual energy which builds up to significant levels.

When Marine phytoplankton is taken as food, it enhances brain performance, improves cell repair, improves cardiac function, offers radiation support, has anti-fungal/anti-bacterial/anti-viral effects etc

.It is good for heart health.It improves blood circulation.The chlorophyll in Marine phytoplankton increases our oxygen intake which means more energy translation to our muscles hence improved endurance.

Marine phytoplankton nutrients are capable of penetrating blood-brain barrier hence bringing food to higher master glands situated deep in the brain cavities.

It increases the rate of production of lymphocytes which are body cells primarily meant for elimination of internally manufactured antigens (viruses, bacteria).

Consumption of Marine phytoplankton helps the skin to relieve Psoriasis and acneAmazingly, Marine phytoplankton also supports weight loss and helps prevent the build up of fats in tissues.

Weight is a major concern for both men and women and you may therefore want to try it of you have weight issues.Marine phytoplankton also helps relieve joint pain and inflammation.

Countless are the health benefits of consuming Marine phytoplankton. It is not only rich in essential nutrients but can also help you lose weight. It is made from natural ingredients and thus has no side effects.

The above listed marine phytoplankton heath benefits are prove enough as to why you should include the supplement in your daily diet.


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