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 Great Salt Lake Salt

Great Salt Lake Salt

Why Use Great Salt Lake Salt For Ormus Minerals?

Great Salt Lake -- Utah, USA

Ormus is made from Great Salt Lake water that has been shown to contain ORMUS.

It is full of minerals and electrolytes and contains a broad spectrum of Ormus materials. It is made by the Wet Method process in which Ormus and minerals are precipitated out of the salt water, separated, and washed several times with distilled water, resulting as GSL Ormus.

This is a very good supplement and suggested for starting and continuing ormus ingestion.
The combination of minerals and ormus that is missing in most diets, help the body to detox, heal and function on multiple levels including DNA repair and increased neural network communication. Some people are experiencing hair returning to natural color as well.
This is a broad spectrum ormus/m-state and mineral product. Broad spectrum ormus/m-state products have the most supplements and balanced energy resonances for beginners or long term users.

Long term ormus use continues to add to the benefits and effects of:

  • better health
  • broadening awareness
  • increased spiritual well being
  • mental well being (clarity of thought) and
  • physical well being on multiple levels

Great Salt Lake Salt only available in our Blended Salts and is not sold separately.

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Himalayan Crystal Salt, Dead Sea Salt (Israel), Celtic Sea Salt, Certified Grey Sea Salt (France) Great Salt Lake Salt (Utah,USA), Korean Sea Salt, Korean Bay Sea Salt, Nigari, Sea-90, Vietnam Sea Salt





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Ormus Minerals Ormus Rich Blended Salts 1 lb.

Mineral Rich Ormus Salts Combinations

Do you want to make your own Ormus Minerals?

We have searched for salt from around the world and brought together a combination of salt that will give you some very rich Ormus minerals with the wet method precipitate.

Great Salt Lake Salt is only available in our Rich Ormus Blended Salts


Pink Himalayan
Crystal Salt

From Israel

Dead Sea Salt

Organic Certified Gray Sea Salt - France.jpg

From France

Organic Certified Grey
Sea Salt

From Utah, USA

Great Salt Lake Salt

South Korea

Korean Sea Salt

SW Coast

Korean Bay
Forshore Salt


Red Sea Salt






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