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A Simple Way on How to Make Ormus Oil.  

There has been a tremendous increase in the number of people using the Ormus oil for different health issues such as skin therapy.  

Despite the high preference and the demand for this organic oil, many people still remains clueless on how to make it. Here is a simple way on how to make ormus oil. 

 To learn how to make ormus oil, you will need two ingredients: grape seed oil (crude) and some Celtic sea salt.  

Take equal amounts of the Celtic sea salt (usually gray in color) and the crude grape seed oil and mix them.  

Shake them up in a bottle for some time and then let the mixture to settle down. 

 Ones the mixture has fully settled, the ormus will seem to go to the unrefined seed oil meaning that the two products have properly harmonized.  

The whole process on how to make ormus oil is now complete and the oil can be used as skin care product or even for consumption.  

This way you will be able experience the superconductive properties of the oil that includes spiritual and physical benefits.  



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