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Ormus and Tap Water  


There are monoatomic elements such as Platinum, Gold, Ruthenium, Palladium, Rhodium, Silver, and Copper that are generally referred to as Ormus, high spin state, or "M-State" elements and have life giving properties. These are essential minerals for the body and are abundantly present in seawater.  

They demonstrate mystical and fantastic behavior that is detectable in the human body and the mind. 

 Ormus can help a person achieve high potential in his life and health.  

Researchers have revealed that there is Ormus almost in everything. Even Ormus and tap water has a relationship. More Ormus is present in the water that contains minute amounts of silver and gold.  

 Ormus is very sensitive to bright light, magnetic and electrical fields.  

As such, a magnetic field is used to collect Ormus from tap water.  

The water is passed through a magnetic field and ormus present in it does not flow past the magnet. It flows back upstream and accumulates there.  

There are devices invented to collect this accumulated Ormus. These are called Ormus accumulators or traps.  

 When you think of Ormus and tap water, there is a variety of Ormus water traps to collect Ormus from regular tap water.  

You may get 1 gallon of Ormus water from nearly 100 gallons or more of tap water. 

The big problem is that you have same impurities in this Ormus and tap water. The magnetic trap also extracts heavy metals and other impurities present in the tap water.  

The best solution to remove these harmful contaminates is to filter the Ormus water with a medical grade filter and to clean it to 99.9999% purity for drinking is 40 times more pure than the water obtained by reverse osmosis. 

 You can get the benefits of Ormus from tap water for the health of body and mind. 

Ormus and Tap Water.

Many people have turned to natural products nowadays for better and improved lifestyles. Indeed natural products enhance our health and fitness to undertake our daily activities.  

However, many people do not realize that even with the use of the natural products, the water they use highly determines the success rate.  

Water is a universal solvent that enables the body to make good use of the food and minerals that we take hence it ought to be of high quality. 

With ormus and tap water, the same case applies.  

Ormus is a known natural substance that has been used over the years as a health supplement.  

Indeed health experts have noted that taking ormus and tap water gives different success rates especially when it comes to the mind power. People who use ormus have a stronger capacity and can easily processes information.  

Given a choice between ormus and tap water you definitely know what to go for. 


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