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 Ormus White Gold Powder

Ormus Minerals for Natural Nutritional Energy

   Ormus Gold Powder Products
Ormus Minerals:
Natural Nutrition for Better Health
  • Designed for your body & mind 
  • Energy and Health 
  • Gaining Natural Energy from Nature's Best Resources 
  • Helps you experience naturally a better life with better health 

An energy that feeds your body and mind.

Ormus White Gold Powder Products

Ormus Minerals ORMUS Formulas

What are some of the reported benefits of taking ormus?

Ormus Minerals - Mental Benefits

  •  Clearer Thinking 
  •  Developed Intuition 
  •  Emotional Healing 
  •  Greater Clarity and Focus 
  •  Heightened Senses 
  •  Sense of Being Fully Present 
  •  Sense of Calm 
  •  Thought Manifestation 

Ormus Minerals - Physical Benefits

  • Aids Intestinal Tract  Absorption of Food Particles 
  • Body Cells' Generation of Hydroelectric Energy 
  • Body Cells' Hydration and Nourishment 
  • Body Cells' Regeneration and Communication 
  • Body Cells' Rejuvenation 
  • Improves Vision 
  • Increases Electrolytes 
  • Increases Energy 
  • Prevents Muscle Cramps 
  • Promotes Bone Strength 
  • Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar 
  • Promotes Healthy Cellular PH Balance 
  • Promotes Healthy DNA & RNA 
  • Promotes Healthy Immune System Function

Lots of choices but a great place to start would be theOrmus C11 Gold Infusionormus.

If you are wanting top of the line potent ormus then look at theOrmus Manna-Festationas a combination of the best of the best.

One of the reason for all the choices is because everybody is different and some things resonate with some but not others. We have added different things to the ormus formulas to add more either energy or nutrition to enhance it.

And of course theWhite Gold Powder Ormusis available for those who prefer that.

Ormus Minerals ORMUS Formulas


  Welcome to the world of Ormus. We invite you to scan the information we have provided for you to learn how Ormus minerals can help you reach your potential in life and health. 

  Ormus, can more easily be understood as essential minerals abundantly found in seawater and previously unknown to modern s cience. David Hudson, a researcher,
rediscovered these essential elements by accident.

  After over 8 million dollars of extensive testing and observation, these minerals showed fantastic and intriging behaviors detectable in not only plants, but also the human body and the mind. 

Stardust White Gold Powder 14 grams

    Ormus    Stardust    White Gold Powder Benefits

    Many people experience enhanced mental clarity, greater mind-body coordination, improved learning ability, increased creativity, and calmer reactions to common, everyday stressful situations.* Monatomic (or monoatomic) gold is also often referred to as white gold, or the acronyms ORMES and ORMUS. 
  1. Right/left brain balance 
  2. Increased creativity and right brain activity
  3. Greater creativity
  4. Enhanced intuition
  5. Enhanced mental clarity and focus
  6. Decrease in negative emotions and thought patterns
  7. Greater ability to cope with stressful situations
  8. Positive emotions and greater sense of inner peace 
  9. Reported - help with more focused prayer
  10. Enhanced and/or more vivid dreams
  11. Heightened intuitive abilities
  12. Increased vibrancy, health and physical stamina

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